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Dover Ferry

Dover – a traditional harbor

At Dover’s ferry terminals one can get a taste of the big wide world, because ships from many countries all over the world dock at the modern harbor in the south of England. Most well-known is the ferry to Dover: each year the ferry connection Dover Calais alone transports several million people through the British Channel. Besides, a lot of large cruises stop off in Dover.

London, which is only about 100 kilometers away, is an attractive destination for the guests on board. But besides the so-called England ferry which leaves several times an hour, Dover is also the starting point for ferries which leave for domestic destinations, e.g. to the North, to Scotland or Ireland. Because of its island position the ferry is for Great Britain a popular and commonly used means of transportation.

Unique landscape around Dover

The most beautiful view to Dover and the famous Dover cliffs is from the water. The steep white cliffs are Dover’s landmark. The harbor of the small town with its 40,000 inhabitants is the economic factor number one in the region and many southern Britons work there.

Besides the cliffs, there are several other places of interest, e.g. Dover Castle, an old Roman castle ruin or the tower in Garrison Hill Park, from where the guests get an impressive overview over the complete county. During summer time a visit to the beach is equally attractive. There are a lot of places to stay overnight, e.g. several hotels and bed & breakfasts.

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