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Harbour Tangier

Ferry Tangier

Tangier – Morocco’s door to Europe

Tangier is a very popular destination when travelling to Morroco by ferry.

With its location on the Strait of Gibraltar, car ferries from Spanish operator Balearia reach Tangier in only 90 minutes from Algeciras, Spain.

Upon arrival in Morocco, the exotic markets, smells and dishes will win your heart in no time!

Tangier – Colourful and compelling

700,000 people live in Tangier, a city founded by Carthaginians. During its rich past, it has been ruled and influenced by many different cultures.

Maybe that is why so many creative people have turned to Tangier over the centuries for inspiration? The atmosphere is very international. The port and ferry crossings certainly contribute to it!

You will love the choice of hotels as well as museums: Be inspired and experience the culture that left so many notions of Tangier in movies, literature and music!

Discover your “Beat” just like Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs.

Connections to and from Tangier

Research connections from Spanish Algeciras to Tangier easily with our search engine. Car ferries by Balearia run several times a day to meet your travel plans.

Book securely with the operator and have a hard copy of your ferry ticket delivered to your door if you wish. All at no additional expenses with!

Once a center of espinonage alongside Casablanca, the city has become a favourite holiday spot in Morocco. Spreading out from the hills to where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic Ocean, it is perfect for both a city tour and a beach holiday.

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Tangier Harbour Address:

Zona Franca Ksar El Majaz Estación marítima Puerto Tánger-Med

Tangier Harbour

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