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Ferry Algeciras

In Algeciras the Spanish south is most authentic

The city of Algeciras near Cadiz is besides Tarifa the most southern location of Spain. A lot of ships and ferries leave from here towards Africa and the Canary Islands.

Especially tourists who want to spend their holidays in Tunisia or visitors of the Spanish enclave Ceuta on the African continent start their journey here. Many foreign workers shuttle regularly by ferry between the continents.

The passage through the heavily frequented Strait of Gibraltar is short and attractive. Generally speaking, the ferry is in Spain a frequently used means of transportation.

Starting from the Spanish mainland many other islands like the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands can be reached by ferries.

From Algeciras to Africa and back

One of the shipping companies that start from Algeciras in the direction of the Moroccan Tanger and to Ceuta is called Balearia.

The journey with the fastest ships takes only about 45 minutes. They leave every hour and during summertime even more often. The timetable of nearly all ferries that depart and arrive can be seen online.

Most of the shipping companies even offer the possibility to buy the tickets and make a reservation  via internet. This offer is highly recommended to accept during high season.

But this harbour is not only ahead with regard to transportation of passengers and vehicles but also regarding the large commercial harbour. With its modern container terminal this harbour ranges among the world's top 20.

If the last ferry in Algeciras has been missed once one should not get angry because this city has a lot of attractions aside from the harbour. There are a lot of hotels and boarding houses to spend the night.

Algeciras Harbour Address:

Estación Marítima, 11207, Locales F-4 y F-23    

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