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Oslo: gateway to the Norwegian landscape

Norway’s nature can only be described with superlatives. Clean air, overwhelming fjords, endless mountain chains and verdant green make the Scandinavian country the dream of many people. The ones who seek for silence travel to Norway. Oslo, the capital, is the gateway to this landscape. The city with its approximately half a million inhabitants is located in the southeast of the kingdom Norway, at the northern edge of the Oslofjord.

By ferry from Oslo to Frederikshavn, Copenhagen or Kiel

From Northern Germany Oslo can easily be reached by ferry. The ferry Kiel – Oslo runs at regular intervals. Not only German tourists use the ferry connection Oslo – Kiel, but also Europeans from other countries often use this means of transport from Kiel to the Norwegian capital.

From Denmark as well there is a good ferry connection to the port of Oslo. The ferry Oslo – Copenhagen runs directly from one capital to the other, while the ferry Oslo – Frederikshavn docks at the smaller Danish town of Frederikshavn further north.

Metropolis with a young flair

The ones who arrive in Oslo by ferry can look forward to a lot of attractions. Be it the ski-jump at the Holmenkollen, the castle of the royal family or the sculpture park of Gustav Vigeland – there are almost innumerable possibilities to discover something new. Thousands of students influence the flair of the more than 1000 year old city.

One can easily change between the quarters by tram, bus or underground. Outside in the environs of the metropolis there are forests, lakes and a lot of small and medium-sized islands for nature enthusiasts.

Oslo Harbour Address:

Color Line - Terminalen Hjortnes, N-0250 Oslo

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