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Trieste port welcomes you in one of Italy’s richest regions: Discover the interesting history and beautiful surrounding! You can easily cross the Adriatic and Ionian Sea on the ferry connection Trieste-Patras. Research and book your tickets now on Ocean24: Great service and best prices on Trieste ferry tickets at no extra cost!

Trieste port – a place of stunning beauty

Trieste is simply unique! Once one of the Habsburg Empire’s centres of trade, economy and commerce, it is now Italy’s most eastern coastal town – on the border to Slovenia.

With access to the Adriatic Sea and ‘Free Port’ status and benefits since 1719, Trieste’s old beauty and glory are present everywhere: In numerous churches and castles, Viennese and other architecture, and the stunning Piazza Unità d’Italia – said to be Europe’s biggest sea-front square!

After tumultuous conflicts over dominance in the 20th century, the city has been rising to prominence and wealth again: Trieste port is an important global player – in coffee, for example!

So enjoy a cup of ‘black gold’ in one of the beautiful coffeehouses upon departing your Minoan Lines ferry Trieste-Patras: After 32 ½ hours on the sea, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to explore the Greek flora and fauna!

Before you leave Trieste port, make sure to visit the largest caves open to tourists according to Guinness World Records: Grotta Gigante!

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Trieste Harbour Address:

Via della Rampa, Molo 7, Ormeggio 57, 34123 Trieste



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